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Absorb the Urban Beauty of Surabaya

Surabaya is one of the larger cities in Indonesia and as such, is a prime destination for business visitors. Surabaya is also used as a gateway for tourists to enter the rest of Java, in particular Mount Bromo and its scenic surroundings. It also provides excellent boat access to the ever popular resort of Bali. However, Surabaya itself is fascinating with its hustle and bustle of urban Asian life. As a former Dutch colony, there are many fine examples of Dutch architecture and houses around Jembatan Merah. Kalimas Harbor in Surabaya is one the few places where you can still see the old graceful and traditional Bugi schooners. Some of the mosques are built in the old Chinese style and are a visual delight. Surabaya hotels accommodation is mostly designed for the business traveler. But there is no dearth of backpacker hostels, travelers’ inns and small budget hotels catering to the leisure traveler. Surabaya is quite reasonably priced so is a good place to do some shopping and eat well on a budget. The markets and Chinatown are good places to imbibe some local color and flavour.  

Taman Safari is a hugely popular and singularly well maintained drive through zoo. It gives you an opportunity to see a close up of animals like the Orangutan and the Javanese rhino. The animals wander right up to the car and it is a great treat for children. An excellent cultural experience can be had by travelling about an hour from Surabaya to Candra Wilwatikta. This is a stupendous open air theater featuring Indonesia’s famed traditional ballets depicting the stories from the mythological epics – Mahabharata and Ramayana.  

Explore a Satiating Experience

Surabaya is quite safe but sensible precautions must be taken, as in all big cities across the world. Travelling alone at night is not advisable and avoid talking with strangers. It is not advised to wear attention grabbing jewels. If you take these basic precautions, Surabaya is just as safe as other cities.

Surabaya boasts of an active nightlife and has several nightclubs and pubs. Most of these are based in the larger star hotels of the city. The local youth tend to hang out at the open air cafes in Jalan Pemuda. For those who have chosen Surabaya only as a transit point on your way to Mount Bromo and the spectacular Ijen Lake, you must stop and breathe in Surabaya’s urban atmosphere.

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