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Have Fun at Family Friendly Surabaya

Surabaya hotels are geared to both business travelers and the tourist alike. Surabaya is the capital of Indonesia’s East Java province. It is the second largest city and is probably more known for its trade and business activities than for leisure. Tourists use Surabaya as an interim stop or a gateway in to the East Java province particularly the ever popular Mount Bromo area. Surabaya may not be a tourist ideal but it does have some great points. Apart from some superb colonial era buildings, there are some very interesting places to visit.

For instance, the Surabaya Zoo is one of the largest zoos in South East Asia. A green oasis in the middle of this humid city, this zoo has over 300 species of animals and many of Indonesia’s endangered species are represented here. They have extensive breeding facilities as part of the zoo’s goal to conserve the natural heritage of Indonesia. There is also a large aquarium. At the entry of the zoo, there is a statue of an intertwined Sura and Bayo, that is shark and crocodile, which is the symbol of Surabaya. The Surabaya Zoo is particularly popular with children.

Witness Sights Galore

Another activity for kids and many adults is the Pasopati submarine. A defunct submarine, interested people can climb into the submarine and learn what life is like in these and how they work. The cramped quarters and some of the huge machinery are fascinating.

The Ciputra Water Park is another wonderful family attraction. Inspired by Sinbad’s adventures, this fantastic water park has rides and water activities that are aimed at all ages. From lazy rivers to children’s pools and water play, this is an ideal day’s activity for families. Within Surabaya, there is a Chinatown, home to many Chinese immigrants who moved here over the centuries. Here, one can find authentic Chinese delicacies and some interesting temples and structures with Chinese architecture.

Surabaya is also renowned for its shopping. From textiles at throwaway prices to pricey artifacts and handicrafts, you can buy anything. There are some lovely malls which cater to the entire family and which have some quality food courts. Most of the bigger malls also have extensive children’s play areas so that both adults and children can enjoy the mall experience. With many places to see, visitors can view the Heroic Monument, the House of Sampoerna or the Cigarette Museum, theCheng Ho Mospque, the Jales Veva Jaya Mahe Monument, the Monkasel and the Mpu Tantula Museum. Tourists can have a wonderful time and indulge in great cuisine and enjoy their vacation at hotels in Surabaya.

Surabaya Takes Visitors to Explore Splendid Destinations

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