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Fact or myth Maag On The Spot. Health information fact or myth ulcer. various myths was developed in the society, rooted like eating late can lead to heartburn or if we eat spicy foods and drinking coffee can cause gastritis we relapse. as well as the prohibition not to eat sour lemon because it will add tenderness and pain in the stomach. myth or fact whether these things. Let’s look at the information that follows this good in fact or myth segment of On The Spot.

Maag is actually an inflammation of the walls at the Walls gastric inflammation is caused by the loss of the protective layer of the stomach wall so that the stomach acid on the walls of the stomach and cause bleeding.

fact or myth ulcer On The SpotCommon causes of bacterial infection or aspirin in large numbers then what is the turbulence late meal can cause heartburn it is a fact of pain in the stomach when eating late is because of pain on an empty stomach.

For spicy food lovers would agree that spicy foods can increase appetite, especially spicy foods can give the sensation of the body to sweat and Fresh Direct eye when consuming. eating spicy food can pose the risk of an ulcer in your stomach. While there are things true lover of spicy food and the fact it is true. Additionally keep away from foods that contain vinegar and pepper.

The third is the prohibition of drinking coffee. Is it myth or fact. true Koffe can cause ulcers. because caffeine can trigger symptoms of stomach acid. for those who suffer from heartburn avoid beverages containing caffeine such as coffee or tea are also drinks alcoholic and carbonated.

The fourth is the prohibition of taking lemon This is a myth because the lime is good for immunity can eliminate detection or toxins in the body. lime did not make sore stomach at all. due to the acidic nature of this fruit is alkaline and precisely even can neutralize stomach acid.

Prohibition of drinking milk for heartburn fact or myth. The answer is a myth because the milk was good for stomach irritation if exposed to the eyes of the first drug that you drink is milk. drinking milk in the stomach then the immune system will increase.

Myth or fact should not be fasting when heartburn. it’s all contained in heartburn suffered. There are two types of functional gastric ulcer and gastritis are organic. if you experience heartburn with the fast functional then you can recover.

The latter is fact or myth mah was because of the stress answer is yes because stress the fact when we think it will be plenty of stomach acid, but when we think lots and lots of gastric acid production, the pain in the stomach area. This stress when there is it will stimulate the brain to feel a pain in the pit of the stomach or in the stomach.
Fact or myth ulcer on the spot
Perhaps of most of us know, or think that stress is difficult to avoid. but actually it can be controlled stress do sports or activities that are fun as a hobby that can reduce stress loads.

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