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Batik Solo – Story And A Place Where You Can Purchase

Solo City is known as one of the cultural city in Indonesia, Solo is also currently still have a very solid tradition of empire. Based on historical facts, batik solo, however, lies in advance compared with the batik of Yogyakarta. Prince Mangkubumi from Yogyakarta visit to Solo and returned with batik as a basis for making batik of Yogyakarta.

Even with having the similar source, but the solo batik and Yogyakarta batik has a diverse character from one another. Solo Batik is usually golden brown. In the motifs, not found in white. Solo batik motifs of the most famous is “Sidomukti”. This difference is due to differences in political views among the two kingdoms to the arrival of the Dutch.

Yogyakarta royal party is firmly opposed to the Dutch colonial government so as to produce batik motifs and colors are more explicit, while attitudes Solo kingdom’s pro-colonial look of batik creates. The closeness of the relationship between the work of Solo and Solo batik impressed the Netherlands resulted in more flexible and free. The decoration was more varied, and the color is more various.
If we talk about batik Solo, it looks hard to escape from a batik-producing village in the name of Solo, that is Kampung Laweyan. This village is well-known as batik producers since the 19th century. Residents in this village an average success as batik entrepreneurs called Gendhu Gal.

Heyday these entrepreneurs can be seen from the architecture of the homes they have. Like a big palace, surrounded by high walls with big wooden gate. Though it has many historic homes turned into shops, Kampung Laweyan image as a producer of batik village didn’t fade.

Several batik solo contains philosophy that influenced many of the Javanese and Hindu Philosophy. Some examples of decorative batik Solo on its meaning, as follows:
1. Bird is the world’s top, or wind;
2. Flame symbolizing the fire burning;
3. Denoted by Mt Meru.
4. Water is symbolized by the Dragon.
5. Aircraft or wing, is to explain the crown, or school.

If you want to know more about batik Solo, please come to the Museum Batik Kaoeman located in Kampung Batik Kauman. Hundreds of types of batik and batik maker decades-old display at the old house was a typical Java. In the museum wooden walls, lined batik stamp that shows the rich diversity of decorative batik Solo. Each batik fabrics on display are labeled, so that guests know the info about batik.

Solo is famous for many has a lot of gallery / showroom that serves a type of batik clothes. Demand not only the people who live in Solo only. Many tourists from the country and abroad who go to the solo just to purchase batik clothes offered. With a relatively cheap price it is no wonder if a lot of people buy them for later resale in their areas of origin.

Today the place is very famous as a center of trade batik solo is Klewer Market. In this market there are a lot of vendors selling a variety of batik from various brands. Traded goods are also not limited to pakaian batik but also have started getting the innovation with other products such as kebaya, batik dresses, kaos batik, batik bags, and others.

Dedy Indrawan is the owner of a website that sells a variety of batik clothes, especially batik yogyakarta, solo and Pekalongan – Indonesia. If you are looking for a variety of typical Indonesian batik clothing then you can visit us at http://www.jualanbatik.com

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